Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. DO2022-10-0014 Constitution of the Department of Energy (DOE) Canteen Committee
Department Order No. DO2022-08-0013 Designation of Special Technical, Financial and Legal Advisers Relative to the Upstream Industry
Department Order No. DO2022-08-0012 Creating a Special Advisory Panel on Legal Matters
Department Order No. DO2022-08-0011 Department of Energy (DOE) Priority Research and Policy Areas for the Philippine Energy Research and Policy Institute (PERPI)
Department Order No. DO2022-07-0010 Designating the Members of the National Government Technical Working Groups for the Intergovernmental Energy Board (IEB) to Help the Bangsamoro Government Effectively Carry Out its Functions in Accordance with R.A. 11054
Department Order No. DO2022-05-0008 Guidelines for the Use of Parking Spaces at the Department of Energy (DOE) Premises
Department Order No. DO2022-05-0007 Guidelines on the Implementation of Department of Energy Data Privacy and Information Security Systems and Solutions and Creation of the Data Privacy Committee, Data Breach Response Team and Data Protection Team
Department Order No. DO2022-04-0006 Guidelines on the Endorsement of Government Energy Efficiency Projects to the Inter-Agency Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee Pursuant to the Government Energy Management Program Guidelines
Department Order No. DO2022-03-0005 Guidelines on the Issuance of the Certificate of Energy Efficiency Cost Reductions (EECR)
Department Order No. DO2022-03-0004 Reconstituting the Bids and Awards Committee of the Department of Energy (DOE-BAC) for Main Office and Field Offices