Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. 2002-11-018 Inclusion Of Philippine National Oil Company – Energy Development Corporation (PNOC-EDC) As Member Of The Technical Working Group For Wholesale Electricity Spot Market.
Department Order No. DO2002-08-012 Detail Of Personnel From The Philippine National Oil Company To The Of The Secretary, Department Of Energy
Department Order No. 2002-06-007 Measures Adopted to Reduce Red Tape in the Department of Energy
Department Order No. DO2002-05-004 Reconstituting The Department Of Energy Personnel Selection Board
Department Order No. 2002-03-002 Implementing Administrative Order No. 1 Entitled “Prohibiting Public Officers And Employees From Entering Into Certain Kind Of Official Transactions With Real, Pretended Or Imaginary Relatives Of The President.”
Department Order No. DO2002-02-001 Constituting the Department of Energy New and Renewable Energy Contracts Negotiating Panel
Department Order No. 2004-06-008 Creating The Inter-Agency Power Tracker R Technical Working Group To Manage The Web-Based Monitoring And Evaluation Of The EPIRA Implementation
Department Order No. 2004-06-007 Creation Of The DOE Implementation Steering Committee For WESM