Energy Utilization Management Bureau

Formulates and implements policies, plans, programs and regulations on new energy technologies, alternative fuels and the efficient, economical transformation, marketing and distribution of conventional and renewable energy resources, and ensures efficient and judicious utilization of conventional and renewable energy resources

Alternative Fuels and Energy Technology Division

  • Formulating policies, plans, and programs related to alternative fuels and new and advanced energy technologies’ development towards socially and environmentally responsive and effective utilization of energy resources; and
  • Developing and managing the alternative fuels and energy technology program;

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program Management and Technology Promotion Division

  • Evaluating energy efficiency and conservation technologies;
  • Promoting the increased utilization of energy efficient products;
  • Preparing all reports for submission to other government agencies as required by law; and
  • Developing a comprehensive information, education, and communication strategy for public awareness on energy efficiency programs and energy efficient products.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Public Sector Management Division

  • Coordinating with the LGUs and the NEECCO to ensure consistency with the NEECP;
  • Providing technical assistance to LGUs and other government agencies;
  • Enhancing, expanding, and developing the GEMP; and
  • Providing technical support to the IAEECC and acting as its Secretariat;

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Performance Regulation and Enforcement Division

  • Spearheading the creation of the NEECD in accordance with the provisions of this Act;
  • Formulating, developing, and updating the MEP, energy labeling, and other programs indicated herein: and
  • Enforcing the programs under this Act and its IRR, such as the MEP and energy labeling.