People's FOI Manual (Provisional)


  1. Purpose of the Manual: The FOI Manual, herein referred to as 'Manual' provides a useful guide for the public and the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE) including its Bureaus, Services and Offices, in dealing with requests for information covered under Executive Order (E.O.) No.2 on Freedom of Information (FOI).(Annex"A")
  2. Structure of the Manual: This Manual shall set out the rules and procedures to be followed by the public and the DOE, and its Bureaus, Services and Offices, when a request for access to information is received. The DOE Secretary is responsible for all actions carried out under thisManual and may delegate this responsibility to the Undersecretary for Administration of the DOE and the respective Heads of the Bureaus, Services and Offices. The Secretary, or the respective Heads, may delegate a specific officer to act as the Decision Maker (DM)and shall have overall responsibility for the initial decision on FOI requests, (i.e. to decide whether to release all the records, partially release the records or deny access).
  3. Coverage of the Manual: The Manual shall cover all requests for information directed to the DOE and all its Bureaus, Services and Offices, as follows:

a. Energy Resource Development Bureau (ERDB);
b. Renewable Energy Management Bureau (REMB);
c. Energy Utilization Management Bureau (EUMB);
d. Electric Power Industry Management Bureau (EPIMB);
e. Oil Industry Management Bureau (OIMB);
f. Energy Policy and Planning Bureau (EPPB);
g. Legal Service (LS);
h. Financial Service (FS);
1.Administrative Service (AS);
J.Information and Technology Management Service (ITMS);
k.Energy Research and Testing Laboratory Service (ERTLS);and
l. Executive Offices.

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Annex A :Executive Order No. 02
Annex B:FOI Receiving Officers of the Department of Energy
Annex C: List of Exceptions to FOI
Annex D : Flow Chart -FOI Request Flow Chart
Annex E : FOI Request Form