Timeline for Open and Competitive Selection Process and Awarding of Service Contract

Date Activities Duration
23 February 2015 Launching of the OCSP 2014 and
Publication of Invitation to Submit Proposal (ITSP)
20 March 2015 Pre-Submission Conference One (1)  month after launching of OCSP 2014
04 May 2015 Deadline of Submission for RE
Proposal (12:00PM)
Venue: DOE-AVR
 Two (2) months from the first publication of the ITSP
04 May 2015 Opening RE Proposal (1:00PM)
and Determination of qualified
RE Proponent
 One (1) day
04 May 2015 to 04 August 2015 Evaluation of RE Proposal and
deliberation by RE-REC
(endorsement to OSEC and
awarding of contracts depends on
completion of evaluation) 
 Three (3) months after the deadline of submission of RE Proposal
04 September 2015  Awarding of RE Service Contracts