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E-Power Mo Baguio

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi


Supreme Hotel and Convention Plaza, Baguio City

April 24, 2018


Naimbag nga bigat kadda kayo amin. Good Morning to all.

Today is the fifth of a series of the E-Power Mo since its launch last year in Manila. This is a milestone event which we decided to bring here to Baguio City for our kababayans in Northern Luzon.

Today's E-Power Mo is the Department of Energy’s initiative to communicate efficiency in the energy sector. 

We gathered key players in the energy sector, government officials, policy makers, representatives from various economic sectors, the academe, our friends from  media and civil society organizations, to keep everyone abreast regarding the fast-evolving developments highlighting governance and  resiliency as important components of the government’s energy policy.

As the theme suggests, we seek to explain the various DOE programs and projects to impart to the Filipino energy consumers the importance of spreading efficiency across all the sectors of economy.

E-Power Mo is the overarching term that encapsulates our goal to be globally competitive by creating wealth for all through innovatively progressive indigenous energy resources, thereby spurring growth for our national economy.

For the updates on the activities of the DOE’s various bureaus, we came up with timely and informative topics that are divided into six (6) breakout sessions depending on your areas of concern.

We believe that efficiency will result in a lower energy demand and increased energy security for the country. This translates to improved productivity and energy savings for consumers.

Under the national development agenda, the DOE has outlined strategic objectives anchored on affordability and sustainability of energy supply in our daily lives. With this mindset, our consumers would be empowered to choose better options and make the right decisions on energy use.

We urge offices and industries to seek the assistance of the DOE-accredited Energy Service Companies to identify the suitable endeavors that can enhance the overall energy use in the country without sacrificing the delivery of quality services and products.

We are also pushing for the passage of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill, and we hope that this will come into reality before the end of this 17th Congress. When this bill is enacted into law, it will be a game changer, and we can consider our battles in making our society more energy efficient as already half-won.

Nevertheless, we are working on implementing the Government Energy Management Program (GEMP) as we believe that the government should serve as the role model in the implementation of energy efficiency best practices and the application of new technologies and techniques. I would like to mention here that a seminar-workshop on GEMP will be held tomorrow in this same venue in partnership with the Philippine Information Agency.

Information about the E-Power Mo is made available on our DOE website and social media accounts to raise awareness to our energy stakeholders about this concept. Thus, we urge you to help us share the E-Power Mo message in your own little ways and make energy efficiency a way of life of Filipinos.

Before I end, let me take this opportunity to acknowledge the continued support of our partners from the Presidential Communications Operations Office, Philippine Information Agency, USAID B-LEADERS and the organizers of this event.

Thank you also to our resource persons and the participants in our breakout sessions for joining us on this leg of our E-Power Mo Campaign.

Salamat at Mabuhay po kayong lahat!