Doe continuous ILP campaign

MARCH 10, 2015

Leading the country’s preparation for an imminent power shortage in Luzon this summer, the Department of Energy, led by Sec. Carlos Jericho L. Petilla is tirelessly inviting more participants to join in the Interruptible Load Program (ILP).

As of March 8, 2015 there are already 79 registered ILP participants under MERALCO with a capacity of 393.36MW and 207 contestable customer participants from the members of the Retail Electricity Suppliers Association (RESA) with a capacity of 497.29MW. This can be credited to the Department’s persistent promotion and invitation to potential participants in multiple industries in the country. Still leading is SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (185.61MW), followed by Robinsons Land Corporation (23.15MW) and Waltermart Malls (14.30MW). MERALCO likewise had 2 ILP dry runs to test the operational effectiveness of the protocols.

Simultaneous to the efforts for the passage of the Joint Resolution, the DOE also released a Department Circular in August 11, 2014 “Enjoining all Electricity-Consuming Sectors to Implement Demand-Side Management Program and other Energy Conservation Measures”. This circular, which encompasses both the public and private sectors, invites all including the business establishments and households to join the Department in implementing energy efficiency methods such as putting cooling systems to 25 degrees Celsius particularly from 10am – 2pm, the time of the day where Luzon has its highest energy demand.

Apart from the Department’s ongoing campaign for energy sufficiency, the DOE monitoring committee reports the following power projects set to be commissioned this year such as the 150MW SLPGC Coal Plant U1 on March 2015, Anda Power Corp.’s 82MW CFB Coal Fired Power Plant on June 2015, the 150MW SLPGC Coal Plant U2 on June 2015, the 67.5MW Pilila Wind Project on July 2015, and the 150 MW SLTEC Putting Bato Coal Fired Plant U2 on November 2015.

The DOE will continue its mandate in achieving energy security for the people and nation. For updates in the ILP, please visit or energy efficiency and conservation tips at