E-Power Your 2019 Energy Resolution

TAGUIG CITY – “Save Save Save,” is the 2019 opening mantra of the Department of Energy (DOE) to Filipino consumers as the new year unfolds.

DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi advices our kababayans that in order for them to save more in 2019, they have to embrace an energy efficient lifestyle.

“E-Power Mo means we have that Energy Ability. Embracing an energy efficient lifestyle will make our families and our nation more prosperous,” Cusi reminded.

The Secretary noted ten (10) simple New Year’s resolutions toward electricity and fuel efficiency:

1. Save money by turning off lights when not needed. By turning off one light bulb for five (5) hours per day, you can save 2.1 kilowatt-hour per month or PhP21.00.

2. Save money by unplugging unused electric appliances. Unplugging your appliances avoids “phantom load” or the wasted energy for leaving appliances plugged but unused. A CRT television (8 watts standby power) and its cable or digital box (8 watts standby power) as combined consume a total of 16 watts of phantom load or an equivalent of PhP57.60 worth of wasted electricity per month.

3. Save money by using LED lighting system. You can save at most 86% energy by switching from incandescent bulb to LED or 50% savings from compact fluorescent lamp to LED.

4. Save money by maintaining the cleanliness of your electric appliances (e.g., air-conditioners and refrigerator). You can save around PhP96.00 for regularly cleaning the filters and condensers of a one (1) horsepower conventional aircon being operated for eight (8) hours per day. On refrigerator, a total of 13.5 kilowatt-hour can be saved every month if it’s clean and not overloaded.

5. Save money by defrosting frozen food prior to cooking. Thawing your frozen good before cooking reduces LPG/electricity consumption, thus saves money.

6. Save money by taking advantage of the sun’s heat and light even more. More than the savings on lighting during the day, you can take advantage of the heat of the sun to dry up clothes instead of spin dry or heated drying.

7. Save money by having correct tire pressure. Under-inflated tires can lower gas mileage by 0.4% for every one (1) pound per square inch (psi) drop in pressure of all four tires. You can save at least PhP150 per month for gasoline, while PhP120 for diesel by just having correct tire pressure.

8. Save money by checking and replacing car air filters regularly. About 10% of fuel consumption can be saved by replacing clogged air filters. This would improve your car’s gas mileage, not to mention help you avoid impurities that are harmful to your engine. An estimated nine (9) liters per month can be saved or about PhP432 for gasoline or PhP340 for diesel. *Prices as of 20 December 2018.

9. Save money by auditing your home system’s consumption and performance. You can save at least 10% from your monthly electricity bill if you audit or monitor the electricity consumption of each of your appliance/equipment. If your bill is PhP2000.00/month, you can save at least PhP200.00.

10. Save money by buying more energy efficient electric appliances and gadgets (e.g., inverter technologies). Inverter air-conditioners can save up to 20%-40% energy consumption equivalent to PhP400-PhP800 savings per month. For inverter refrigerators, you can save up to 20%-30% energy consumption equivalent to PhP160-PhP240 savings per month.

“Let us welcome the new year with new perspective, new hopes and new ways in dealing with our daily activities in 2019,” Sec. Cusi imparted.