Power Supply and Demand Highlights (January-June 2017)

The Philippine Power System remained generally stable from January to June 2017 despite the natural and man-made calamities experienced during the period such as earthquakes in Batangas in Luzon and Leyte in Visayas and the Marawi siege in Mindanao; and events such as Malampaya Gas maintenance shutdown in Luzon, continued occurrences of forced outages of generation and transmission facilities which resulted to load dropping incidents in the three major grids. The strong coordination among all energy stakeholders to immediately respond to these challenges was key towards this end, coupled with the additional power generation capacities of 237 MW. The relatively low demand during critical supply periods also aid in maintaining the stability of the power system. To ensure the delivery of quality, reliable, affordable, and secured electricity supply, the DOE initiated the issuance of policies for resiliency, conduct of performance assessment and technical audit for all energy facilities, and reactivated the Inter-Agency Task Force on Securing Energy Facilities (IATFSEF), among others.

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