Philippine Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Programs

The Philippine energy sector is evolving towards a liberalized and private-sector led market structure as reflected in the updated Philippine Energy Plan for 2000-2009 (PEP 2000). Under the PEP, the Government’s role is increasingly being confined to implementation of strategic activities such as rural electrification, energy efficiency and sustainable energy policies to address climate change. Furthermore, the country is once again hit by increasing oil prices thus the Philippine Government is strengthening its programs on indigenous and renewable energy resource development, energy efficiency and conservation not only to reduce its dependence on imported fuels for its energy need but also for sustainable development.

Indigenous and renewable energy resources are expected to account for about 49.4% of the country’s energy mix by year 2004 up from 42.2% in 2000. The energy efficiency program likewise is foreseen to reduce about 88.2 million barrels of fuel oil equivalent (MMBFOE) of the total energy demand which is equivalent to about 613 megawatts of avoided generating capacity during the ten-year planning period. This paper therefore presents an overview of the Philippine energy efficiency and other clean energy related programs.

*Paper presented by FRANCISCO A. BENITODirector, Energy Utilization Management Bureau (EUMB) during the ASIA-PACIFIC REGIONAL WORKSHOP ON ENERGY EFFICIENCYRepublic of Singapore, 23-25 May 2000.