Oil and Gas Section

The Oil and Gas Section makes its services available to the petroleum industry and private individuals seeking verification of crude oil/gas seeps sources or requiring specific and detailed analyses for characterization and evaluation purposes.

We also conduct analyses of Bio-fuel samples to check compliance to parameters set by Philippine National Standard (PNS) on these samples.

Services Provided:

Source Rock Analysis

  • Screening Tests
    • Sample preparation
  • Detailed Geochemical Analysis of Source Rocks, Extracted Bitumen and Petroleum Samples
    • Solvent Extraction and Desulfurization to obtain Extractable Organic Matter (EOM)
    • Liquid Chromatographic Separation of EOM into Saturates, Aromatics and NSO fractions.
    • Capillary Column Gas Chromatography of C12+ components of Saturate fraction.

Petroleum Analysis

  • Separation of Petroleum from Water and Sediments
  • API Gravity
  • Fractional Distillation

Natural Gas Analysis

  • Analysis of N2, H2, Ar, O2 and C1 by Gas Chromatography
  • Analysis of C1 to C4 by Gas Chromatography

Alternative Fuels

  • Determination of Free Glycerin
  • Determination of Total Glycerin
  • Determination of Acid Number


Gas Chromatograph       Gas Chromatograph


Gas Chromatograph


 Acid Number

Acid Number

Free Glycerin

Free Glycerin

Total Glycerin

Total Glycerin

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