Additional Requirements for all types of permit (as Applicable)

1. Feasibility Study of the Project

2. Geological survey and study area (land,soil,rock formations, above ground,underground, undersea, seafloor,water) where the infrastructure for the project will be erected.

3. Atmospheric survey and study of the area (weather system, typhoon paths.

4. Zoning/Locational Clearance and/or Certificate of approved Land Use Conversion if proposed site is not within an industrial or commercial zone 

5. Baranggay Business Clearance 

6. Mayor's Business Permit 

7. Building Permit 

8. Mechanical Permit

9. Sanitary/Plumbing Permit

10. Electrical Permit

11. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate from the bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)

12. National Water Regulatory Board Permit , if applicable.

13. System Handover Manual

14. Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE) Plan

15. Emergency Response Procedure/Safety amd Emergency Manual

16. Operation and Maintenace Manual 

17. Fire and Gas Electrical Checklist Manual

18. Certification of Personnel Training Conducted including results of competency assessment.

19. Certificate of calibration of All Metered Units

20. Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection

21. Certificate of Occupancy 

22. Insurance Coverage of the project (certified true copy). It should comply with and satisfy the health, safety , security, and environment (HSSE ) Plan, the immediate locality and its people near the facility should be covered and protected by the insurance.