Department Order

Department Order Description PDF File
Department Order No. 2012-06-0013 Designating the Area of Cooperation of the Luzon Field Office do_2012-06-0013.pdf
Department Order No. 2012-06-0012 National Inventory of Public Records
Department Order No. 2012-06-0010 Creation of the Department Of Energy (DOE) Housing Committee do_2012-06-0010.pdf
Department Order No. 2012-06-0009 Creating the Technical Working Group to Integrate Retail Competition and Open Access to the WESM do_2012-06-0009.pdf
Department Order No. 2012-05-0008 Creating the Department Of Energy - Committee on Decorum and Investigation of Sexual Harassment Cases (DOE-CODISH) do_2012-05-0008.pdf
Department Order No. 2012-04-0007 Revised Rules of Procedure in the Conduct of Personnel Disciplinary Investigation of the Department Of Energy do_2012-04-0007a.pdf
Department Order No. 2012-03-0006 Reconstituting The Department Of Energy (DOE) Uniform Committee do_2012-03-0006.pdf
Department Order No. 2012-03-0005 Creating the Technical Working Group for the Formulation of Renewable Energy Safety, Health and Environment Rules and Regulations do_2012-03-0005.pdf
Department Order No. 2012-03-0003 Reconstituting the Composition of the Third Level Personnel Selection Board in the Department Of Energy do_2012-03-0003.pdf
Department Order No. 2012-03-0002 Creating A Technical Working Group To Assist The Philippine Electricity Market Auditor Under The Philippine Electricity Market Corporation In The Conduct Of An Independent Review Of Metering Services Of The National Grid Corporation Of The Philippines do_2012-03-0002.pdf