Department Order

Department Order Description PDF File
Department Order No. DO2013-03-0003 Creating Contingency Committee for the Development, and Formulation of a Comprehensive Plan for the Mindanao Power Situation and Its Execution do_2013-03-0003.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-03-0002 Wearing of Office Uniforms do_2013-03-0002.pdf
Department Order No. DO2011-08-0009 Establishing and Publishing of Data on National Grid Emission Factor as Baseline Reference for Clean Development Mechanism - Energy Related Projects do_2011-08-0009.pdf
Department Order No. DO2011-08-0008 Amending Department Order No. DO2005-03-002, (Personnel Development Guidelines), Series of 2005 dated 11 March 2005 do_2011-08-0008.pdf
Department Order No. DO2011-07-0005 Prioritization of Matters Requiring the Immediate Action of the Department of Energy do_2011-07-0005.pdf
Department Order No. DO2011-06-0004 Reconstituting the Department Of Energy (DOE) Disposal Committee do_2011-06-0004.pdf
Department Order No. DO2011-04-0003 Creating Management Negotiating Panel for the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) with the Department of Energy-Employees Association (DOE-EA) do_2011-04-0003.pdf
Department Order No. DO2011-02-0002 Creating the Contingency Committee for Energy Security do_2011-02-0002.pdf
Department Order No. DO2011-01-0001 Reconstituting the Composition of the Personnel Selection Board for the Third Level Positions in the Department Of Energy do_2011-01-0001.pdf
Department Order No. DO2010-08-0015 Creating The Technical Working Group (TWG) For The Audit Of National Grid Corporation Of The Philippines (NGCP) System Operations And Metering Service Operations do_2010-08-0015.pdf