Department Order

Department Order Description PDF File
Department Order No. DO2013-12-0023 Further Amending Department Order No. DO2013-12-0020 and Department Order No. DO2013-12-0021 do_2013-12-0023.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-12-0021 Guidelines Governing the Evaluation and Monitoring on the Implementation of the Service and Operating Contracts between the Department of Energy and Renewable Energy (RE) Developers, and for other Purposes do_2013-12-0021.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-12-0020 Strengthening the Renewable Energy-Review and Evaluation Committee (Formerly Re-Contracts Review Committee), and for other Purposes do_2013-12-0020.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-12-0019 Strengthening the Management and Operations of the Affiliated Renewable Energy Centers (ARECS) in the Philippines do_2013-12-0019.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-10-0018 Adopting the Revised Evaluation Process Flow and Timelines of Renewable Energy Service Contracts (RESC) and Mandating the Adoption of the Milestone Approach do_2013-10-0018.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-10-0017 Reconstituting the Department of Energy Task Force on Fees and Charges do_2013-10-0017.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-09-0016 Amending Department Order No. DO2012-03-0003 Entitled, "Reconstituting the Composition of the Third Level Personnel Selection Board in the Department of Energy" do_2013-09-0016.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-09-0015 Amending Department Order No. DO2005-10-015 and Special Order No. 2009-08-038 Entitled, "Reconstituting the Personnel Selection Board (PSB) for the 1st And 2nd Level Positions and Amending the Policy on the Personnel do_2013-09-0015.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-08-0014 Creating a Technical Working Group to Propose the Guidelines for the Implementation of the Energy Security Asset Program do_2013-08-0014.pdf
Department Order No. DO2013-08-0013 Creating a Technical Working Group to Propose Guidelines for the Sale and/or Disposal of the Banked Gas of the Philippine National Oil Company do_2013-08-0013.pdf