Department Order

Department Order Description PDF File
Department Order no. DO2015-06-0005 Prescribing the duties and functions of the field offices of the department of energy pursuant to section 5 (3 & 4) of department order no. Do2013-12-0019 entitled, “strengthening the management and operations of the affiliated renewable energy (ARECS) in the Philippines" do2015-06-0005.pdf
Department Order no. DO2015-03-0002 Creating the committee on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the department of energy (DOE) DO2015-03-0002.pdf
Department Order No. DO2014-11-0020 Adopting the Guidelines Governing Open and Competitive Selection Process in the Award of Renewable Energy Service Contract, and for Other Purposes do_2014-11-0020.pdf
Department Order No. DO2014-11-0019 Creating the Direct Connection Review and Evaluation Committee for the Purpose of Processing and Resolving Direct Connection Applications of Industrial Enterprises/End-Users do_2014-11-0019.pdf
Department Order No. DO2014-10-0018 Adopting a Template for Contract Area Amendment of Renewable Energy (RE) Service Contracts do_2014-10-0018.pdf
Department Order No. DO2014-08-0017 Prescribing Guidelines and Procedures for the Amendment of Contract Areas in Coal Operating Contracts (COCs) and Petroleum Service Contracts (SCs) do_2014-08-0017.pdf
Department Order No. DO2014-08-0016 Reconstitution of the Department of Energy - Gender & Development (GAD) Focal Point System (FPS) do_2014-08-0016.pdf
Department Order No. DO2014-08-0015 Amendment to Department Order No. DO2014-02-0005 "Creating a Project Steering Committee and a Project Management Unit in the Department of Energy for the Implementation of the Market Transformation through Introduction Of Energy-Efficient Electric Vehicles Project" do_2014-08-0015.pdf
Department Order No. DO2014-07-0014 Creation of an Inter-agency Task Force for the Celebration of CY 2014 National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM) do_2014-07-0014.pdf
Department Order No. DO2014-07-0013 Creation of a DOE-Records Inventory Committee do_2014-07-0013.pdf