Department Order

Department Order Description PDF File
Department Order No. DO2017-10-0012 Designation of DOE Representatives to the Energy Investment Coordinating Council (EICC) as provided in Executive Order (EO) 30, Otherwise known as "Creating the EICC in Order to Streamline the Regulatory Procedures affecting Energy Projects" Department Order No. DO2017-10-0012
Department Order No. DO2017-08-0011 Creation of the Data Privacy Committee Department Order No. DO2017-08-0011
Department Order No. DO2017-07-0010 Creating the Transition Committee for the Interim Management of the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation and the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market Department Order No. DO2017-07-0010
Department Order No. DO2017-07-0009 Creating a Task Force to Ensure Immediate Restoration of Power Services in the Areas Affected by the Earthquake in Jaro, Leyte and Other Purposes Department Order No. DC2017-07-0009
Department Order No. DO2017-06-0008 Delegation of Authority (For administrative and financial efficiency in the Department of Energy (DOE), the following guidelines on the Delegation of Authority are hereby issued for compliance of all concerned.) Department Order No. DC2017-06-0008
Department Order No. DO2017-06-0007 Wearing of Uniforms (Pursuant to DBM Circular No. 2012-1 dated 23 February 2012 prescribing the rules and regulations on the grant of Uniform/Clothing Allowance, the following guidelines are hereby issued for implementation this FY 2017) Department Order No. DO2017-06-0007
Department Order No. DO2017-04-0006 Creation of a Task Force to Review, Study and Look into the allegation of irregularities and corruption in the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and Make Recommendations for the Department, The Office of the President and Congress do_2017_04_0006.pdf
Department Order No. DO2017-04-0005 Prescribing the New Guidelines in the Processing of Applications for Renewable Energy Service/ Operating Contracts do2017-04-0005.pdf
Department Order No. DO2017-04-0004 Designating TRANSCO as Grid Owner to Participate in the Preparation, Review and Evaluation of the Transmission Development Plan do_2017-04-004.pdf
Department Order No. DO2017-02-0003 Reconstitution of the Department of Energy (DOE) Gender and Development-Focal Point System (GAD-FPS) do2017-02-0003.pdf