Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. DO2005-05-006 Dissolving The Wholesale Electricity Spot Market-Technical Working Group (WESM-TWG)
Department Order No. DO2005-05-005 Amending Section 1 Of Department Order No. 2005-02-001 And Appointing Mr. Cedric Bagtas To The Independent Oil Deregulation Law Review Committee
Department Order No. DO2005-03-004 Amending The Guidelines For Availing Of Assistance In-Kind By Service Contractors
Department Order No. DO2005-03-002 Series of 2005 Personnel Development Policy Guidelines
Department Order No. DO2005-03-003 Creating An Inter-Agency Committee For The Bidding And Assignment Of The 304 Megawatt San Pascual Natural Gas Project
Department Order No. DO2005-02-001 Creating An Independent Committee To Review The Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act Of 1998
Department Order No. DO2004-09-009 Reconstituting The Performance Evaluation Review Committee (PERC)
Department Order No. DO2004-05-0006 Publication Of Metering Data At The WESM Website
Department Order No. 2004-05-005 Reconvening The Technical Working Group Of The Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM-TWG) And Its Subcommittees And For Other Purposes
Department Order No. DO2004-03-004 Creation Of The 2004 Department Of Energy (DOE) Physical Fitness & Sports Committee