Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. DO2006-03-0005 Implementing Executive Order No. 473 And Creating The Oversight And Coordination Committee For The Re-Appraisal, Development And Production Of Crude Oil From The Camago-Malampaya Oil Leg (CMOL)
Department Order No. DO2006-02-003 Establishing The Department Of Energy Bids And Awards Committee
Department Order No. DO2006-01-001 Creating A Fact-Finding Committee On Coal Mine Incident In Brgy. Dumalan, Dalaguete, Cebu
Department Order No. DO2005-12-023 Directing The Adoption Of Contingency Measures To Avert A Power Blackout In The City Of Iloilo
Department Order No. DO2005-12-022 Amending Department Order No. 2005-10-014 And Adopting Interim Procedures For The Final Approval And Clearance For The Issuance Of Tax Exemption Certificates
Department Order No. DO2005-12-021 Reconstituting The Power Tracker-Technical Working Group Under Department Order No. 2004-06-008
Department Order No. DO2005-11-020 Designation Of The DOE Representative To The Clean Development Committee(CDM) Steering Committee And Creation Of The Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) And Technical Working Group(TWG) For Energy-Related CDM Projects
Department Order No. DO2005-05-009 Creation Of A DOE Steering Committee And Sub-Committees For Purposes Of Republic Act No. 8439
Department Order No. DO2005-05-008 Delegating Authority To Undersecretaries To Act On Local Travel Orders (LTOS) And Application For Leaves Of Absence (LOAS)
Department Order No. DO2005-05-007 Establishing A Management Negotiating Panel For The Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) With The Department Of Energy – Employees Association (DOE-PA)