Department Order No. DO2022-05-0008

Guidelines for the Use of Parking Spaces at the Department of Energy (DOE) Premises

WHEREAS, Section 2(e) of Administrative Order No. 38, s. 2002, provides that the Administrative Services (AS) of the DOE shall formulate and implement policies, plans, programs and regulations on human resource, relations, as well as coordinate activities for special events of the DOE.

WHEREAS, in line with the function of the Administrative Service, the General Services Division (GSD) is responsible for the proper operation, maintenance and repair of the Department's buildings and facilities, equipment, service vehicles, basic utilities, e.g., electricity, water and power, and supervision and management of parking spaces and annually contracted maintenance services, e.g., janitorial, security, photocopying, shuttle, electrical, air-con, elevators, specialty trades, and general administrative work including staff support services, and proper documentation on the aforementioned functions.

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