Department Order

Department Order Description PDF File
Department Order No. DO2019-07-0017 Guidelines on the Procurement of Airline Tickets from DBM PS-PhilGEPS Through Government Fares Agreement (GFA) Department Order No. DO2019-07-0017
Department Order No. DO2019-07-0016 Guidelines in the Issuance of Authority to Practice Profession for Employees and Officials of Department of Energy Department Order No. DO2019-07-0016
Department Order No. DO2019-07-0014 Implementation of the Modified Four-Day Workweek Scheme in the Department of Energy do2019-07-0014.pdf
Department Order No. DO2019-07-0013 Constituting the Committee on the Accreditation of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) do2019-07-0013.pdf
Department Order No. DO2019-04-0012 Creating the EVOSS-IRR Technical Working Committee to Formulate the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 11234 known as the Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop Law do2019-04-0012.PDF
Department Order No. DO2019-03-0010 Reconstituting the Bids and Awards Committee of the Department of Energy (DOE-BAC) do2019-03-0010.PDF
Department Order No. DO2019-03-0009 Creating a Special Task Force to Assess the Performance of the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) under the Governance of PEMC and Operations of the IMO Department Order No. DO2019-03-0009
Department Order No. DO2019-03-0007 Amending Department Order No. DO2013-12-0019 Entitled, Strengthening the Management and Operations of the Affiliated Renewable Energy Centers (ARECS) in the Philippines" Department Order No. DO2019-03-0007
Department Order No. DO2019-03-0008 Reconstitution of the Department of Energy (DOE) Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS) Department Order No. DO2019-03-0008
Department Order No. DO2018-04-0009 Institutionalizing Submission of Energy Information, Sectoral Developments and Statistics / Data to the Energy Policy and Planning Bureau (EPPB) do2018-04-0009.pdf