Department Order

Department Order Description PDF File
Department Order No. DO2017-04-0005 Prescribing the New Guidelines in the Processing of Applications for Renewable Energy Service/ Operating Contracts do2017-04-0005.pdf
Department Order No. DO2017-02-0003 Reconstitution of the Department of Energy (DOE) Gender and Development-Focal Point System (GAD-FPS) do2017-02-0003.pdf
Department Order No. DO2017-02-0002 Reconstitution of the Department of Energy (DOE) Disaster Risk Reduction and Control Management Group (DRRCMG) do2017-02-0002.pdf
Department Order No. DO2017-02-0001 Reconstitution of the Department of Energy Performance Management Team (PMT) do2017-02-0001.pdf
Department Order No. DO2016-12-0015 Creating an Independent Committee to Review and Audit the Financial, Operational and Systems Records of the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation do2016-12-0015.pdf
Department Order No. DO2016-11-0014 Creation of an Inter-Agency Task Force for the Celebration of CY2016 National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM) do2016-11-0014.pdf
Department Order No. DO2016-10-0013 Creating the Nuclear Energy Program Implementing Organization (NEPIO) do2016-10-0013.pdf
Department Order No. DO2016-09-0012 Further Reconstituting the Bids and Awards Committee of the Department of Energy (DOE-BAC) do2016-10-0012.pdf
Department Order No. DO2016-09-0011 Reconstitution of the Renewable Energy - Review and Evaluation Committee (Re-Rec) and Providing for its Functions, Duties and Responsibilities do2016_09_0011.pdf
Department Order No. DO2016-06-0010 Prescribing the Revised Guidelines for the Processing of Applications, Amendments and Termination of Renewable Energy Service / Operating Contracts do2016-06-0010.pdf