Department Circular

Department Circular No. 2000-10-011

Providing Revised Rules And Procedures To Implement Electrification Program Funded Through Energy Regulations No. 1-94, Implementing Section 5(I) Of Republic Act No. 7638, Otherwise Known As The Dept. Of Energy Act

Whereas, Energy Regulations (E.R.) No. 1-94 promulgated by the Department on 24 May 1994, prescribed the provision of direct benefits to pertinent Local Government Units (LGUs) hosting energy generating facilities and/or energy resource...

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Department Circular No. 2000-06-010

Revised Scheduled Of Penalties in the LPG Industry Of 2000

This Department Circular which supersedes Department Circular No. 2000-05-008 shall take effect one (1) month after its complete publication in two (2) newspapers of general circulation.

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Department Circular No. 2000-05-009

Establishment of a Corridor of Focus as Part of the Window of Opportunity in Philippine Petroleum Exploration

WHEREAS, offshore areas contribute significant quantities of petroleum production in the ASEAN region and available data in the Department of Energy indicate the high prospectivity for petroleum in the Corridor of Focus as herein defined;

Department Circular No. 2000-05-008

Revised Schedule of Penalties in the LPG Industry Of 2000

WHEREAS, Batas Pambansa Blg. 33, as amended by P.D. 865 defined certain prohibited acts inimical to the public interest and national security involving petroleum and/or petroleum products, prescribing penalties therefore and for other purposes;

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Department Circular No. 2000-05-007

Embossed Identifying Mark on LPG Cylinders and Installation of Collars with Distinctive Design or Markings on Existing LP Cylinders during Requalification

Embossed Identifying Mark On LPG Cylinders And Installation Of Collars With Distinctive Design Or Markings On Existing LP Cylinders During Requalification For : LPG Refillers Association (LPGRA) Philippine LPG Association (PLPGA) LPG Institute Of...

Department Circular No. 2000-03-003

Further Amending the Provisions of Energy Regulations 1-94 Entitled "Rules and Regulations Implementing Section 5 of Republic Act No. 7638, Otherwise Known as the Department Energy Act of 1992" and its Attendant Rules and Procedures

WHEREAS, Energy Regulations (E.R.) No. 1-94 promulgated on May 24, 19994 by the Department of Energy (DOE) prescribed the provisions of direct benefits to permit local government units (LGUs) hosting energy resource development projects and/or...

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Department Circular No. 2000-03-004

Further Amending Energy Regulations No. 1-95 dated January 2, 1995 Entitled "Rules and Regulations Implementing Executive Order No. 215 on Private Sector Participation in Power Generation" as Amended by Department Circular No. 97-01-001 Dated January 21, 1997

WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 215 issued on July 10, 1987 allows the participation of private sector in power generation;
WHEREAS, the Department of Energy (the DOE) encourages the participation of the private sector in the power generation...

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Department Circular No. 98-03-004

Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act 8479, “Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998”

Pursuant to Chapter VII, Section 23 of Republic Act 8479, “Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998,” the Department of Energy, in coordination with the Energy Regulatory Board, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of...

Department Circular No. 95-06-006

Policy Guidelines on the Overall Development and Utilization of Natural Gas in the Philippines

WHEREAS, Section 2 of R.A. 7638, otherwise known as the "Department of Energy Act of 1992," declares, among others, the policy of the State to ensure a continuous, adequate, and economic supply of energy with the end in view of ultimately...

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