Department Circular No. DC2022-06-0026

Adopting Amendments to the Renewable Energy Market (REM) Rules

(Provisions for the Submission of Data by the National Transmission Corporation to the Renewable Energy (RE) Registrar, Obligations of the REM Governance Committee (RGC) and Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Issuance, and Additional Seats in the RGC for the Retail Electricity Suppliers and for Small REM Generators)

WHEREAS, Republic Act (RA) No. 9513, otherwise known as the "Renewable Energy Act of 2008" or the "RE Act," declares as a policy of the State to increase the utilization of RE by institutionalizing the development of national and local capabilities in the use of RE systems, and promoting their efficient and cost-effective commercial application by providing fiscal and non-fiscal incentives;

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