Department Circular No. DC2021-07-0023

Providing for a Policy Framework on the Guidelines for the Development, Establishment, and Operation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) in the Philippines

WHEREAS, Republic No. (RA) 7638 or the "Department of Energy (DOE) Act of 1992” declares as a policy of the State, among others, to ensure a continuous, adequate, and economic supply energy with the end in view of ultimately achieving self-reliance in the country’s energy requirements through the integrated and intensive exploration, production, management, and development of the country's indigenous energy sources; 

WHEREAS, Sections 5 (e) and (h) of RA 7638 authorizes the DOE to regulate private sector activities as provided under existing laws providing therein an environment conducive to free and active private sector participation and investment in all energy as well as to formulate and implement a program for the accelerated development of non-conventional energy systems and the promotion and commercialization on its applications;

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