Department Circular No. DC2021-06-0014

Revised Circular on Accreditation and Submission of Notices and Reports by Refiners, Importers and Own Users of Gasoline and Diesel Pursuant to the Biofuels Act

WHEREAS, Republic Act No. 9367, otherwise known as the "Biofuels Act of 2006", provides for the policy to reduce the country's dependence on imported fuels with due regard to the protection of public health, the environment, and the natural ecosystems consistent with the country's sustainable economic growth that would expand opportunities for livelihood by mandating the use of Locally- Sourced Biofuel into the Philippine fuel supply mix;

WHEREAS, pursuant to the mandatory use of Locally- Sourced Biofuel, the DOE implemented the mandated blend of Bioethanol and Biodiesel by volume into all Gasoline and Diesel för sale or Own Use in the Philippines by the DOI;

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 5, rule 2 of the implementing rules and regulations of the Biofuels Act, Locally- Sourced Biofuel shall be fully exhausted before any importation can be allowed but limited to the extent of the shortage;

WHEREAS, the direct importation of Biofuel Blends shall be prohibited;

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 22, Rule 5 of the implementing rules and regulations of the Biofuels Act, the DOI shall undertake the blending of Bioethanol and Biodiesel at their respective refineries, depots or blending facilities prior to the sale of Biofuel Blends to consumers using appropriate blending methodologies in accordance with the duly accepted international standards or the PNS;

WHEREAS, in light of the existing rules and regulations requiring the exhaustion of Locally- Sourced Biofuel, the implementation of the mandated blending requirements for sale or Own Use of Biofuel Blends in the Philippines and the DOE's mandate to monitor and ensure compliance thereof, there is a need for proper accreditation and registry of DOI Biofuel Participants as well as requirement for submission of the necessary notices and reports to 01MB for purposes of monitoring and reconciliation;

WHEREAS, in view of the above requirements and in consultations with the DOI. it is necessary to issue a Revised Circular on Accreditation and submission of notices and reports to update the existing accreditation rules including the notices and reports and consolidate them to minimize confusion in tracing these reports from several rules and regulations;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, the DOE hereby issues and adopts this Revised Circular:


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