Administrative Order

Administrative Order Description Attachment (PDF File)
Administrative Order No. 205 Directing The Secretary Of Education To Lead The Organization And Implementation Of A Program Of Activities In Commemoration Of The 110th Anniversary Of Philippine Independence On 12 June 2008 ao_205.pdf
Administrative Order No. 171-A Amending Administrative Order No. 171, Series Of 2007 ao_171-a.pdf
Administrative Order No. 183 Directing the Use of Energy Efficient Lighting/Lighting Systems (EELS) In Government Facilities (Palit-Ilaw Program) ao_183.pdf
Administrative Order No. 38 Providing For the Institutional Strengthening Of the Department Of Energy by Redefining the Functions and Services of Its Bureaus, Service Units and Offices ao_38.pdf
Administrative Order No. 158 Ordering the Fast-Tracking of the Computerization of Export-Related Processes Of Government Agencies ao_158.pdf
Administrative Order No. 152 Designating The Department Of Foreign Affairs To Take The Lead In The Planning, Coordination, Implementation And Conduct Of Programs & Activities In Commemoration Of The Philippine American-Friendship Day ao_152.pdf
Administrative Order No. 148 Reconstituting the Membership of the NEDA Board ao_148.pdf
Administrative Order No. 136 Encouraging Government Agencies, Departments And Instrumentalities To Utilize The Facilities Of The Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) As Venue For Their Organized/Hosted Meetings, Workshops, Seminars, Conventions And Other Special ao_136.pdf
Administrative Order No. 103 Directing The Continued Adoption Of Austerity In The Government ao_103.pdf
Administrative Order No. 117 Providing For Adjusted Officials Hours in Departments, Bureaus, Offices and Other Agencies in the Executive Branch, Including Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations, For the Months of April and May 2005 ao_117.pdf