Administrative Order

Administrative Order Description Attachment (PDF File)
Administrative Order No. 6 Organizing the Inter-Agency Energy Contingency Committee (IECC) ao_6.pdf
Administrative Order No. 285 Setting up A Transition Cooperation Team and Introducing the Transition Blueprint ao_285.pdf
Administrative Order No. 278 Providing Measures for the Optimum Utilization of Water Resources in Metro Manila ao_278.pdf
Administrative Order No. 232 Social Welfare Reforms ao_232.pdf
Administrative Order No. 231 Reorganizing the Cabinet Groups ao_231.pdf
Administrative Order No. 227 Directing All Heads Of Departments, Bureaus, Offices And Agencies Of The National Government Including Local Government Units (LGU's); Government-Owned And/or Controlled Corporations (GOCCS), Government Financial Institutions (GFIs), State Universities And Colleges And Military And Police Units To Give Preference In The Procurement Of Materials And Supplies, Produced, Made And Manufactured In The Philippines ao_227.pdf
Administrative Order No. 228 Addressing the Rising Cost of Energy ao_228.pdf
Administrative Order No. 222 Continuing the Advocacy For and Activities by the Procurement Transparency Group ao_222.pdf
Administrative Order No. 220 Directing The Active Participation Of All Government Lawyers In The Infrastructure Projects Of Their Respective Department/Agencies To Fast-Track The Implementation Thereof ao_220.pdf
Administrative Order No. 126 Strengthening Measures To Address The Extraordinary Increase In World Oil Prices, Directing The Enhanced Implementation Of The Government’s Energy Conservation Program, And For Other Purpose ao_126.pdf