Administrative Order

Administrative Order Description Attachment (PDF File)
Administrative Order No. 228 Addressing the Rising Cost of Energy ao_228.pdf
Administrative Order No. 222 Continuing the Advocacy For and Activities by the Procurement Transparency Group ao_222.pdf
Administrative Order No. 220 Directing The Active Participation Of All Government Lawyers In The Infrastructure Projects Of Their Respective Department/Agencies To Fast-Track The Implementation Thereof ao_220.pdf
Administrative Order No. 126 Strengthening Measures To Address The Extraordinary Increase In World Oil Prices, Directing The Enhanced Implementation Of The Government’s Energy Conservation Program, And For Other Purpose ao_126.pdf
Administrative Order No. 205 Directing The Secretary Of Education To Lead The Organization And Implementation Of A Program Of Activities In Commemoration Of The 110th Anniversary Of Philippine Independence On 12 June 2008 ao_205.pdf
Administrative Order No. 171-A Amending Administrative Order No. 171, Series Of 2007 ao_171-a.pdf
Administrative Order No. 183 Directing the Use of Energy Efficient Lighting/Lighting Systems (EELS) In Government Facilities (Palit-Ilaw Program) ao_183.pdf
Administrative Order No. 38 Providing For the Institutional Strengthening Of the Department Of Energy by Redefining the Functions and Services of Its Bureaus, Service Units and Offices ao_38.pdf
Administrative Order No. 158 Ordering the Fast-Tracking of the Computerization of Export-Related Processes Of Government Agencies ao_158.pdf
Administrative Order No. 152 Designating The Department Of Foreign Affairs To Take The Lead In The Planning, Coordination, Implementation And Conduct Of Programs & Activities In Commemoration Of The Philippine American-Friendship Day ao_152.pdf