Administrative Order

Administrative Order Description Attachment (PDF File)
Administrative Order No. 15 IMPLEMENTING GUIDELINES OF ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 15 AO15 IG.pdf, AO15 Annexes.pdf
Administrative Order No. 44 Directing the Adoption and Implementation of the National Competition Policy Administrative Order No. 44
Administrative Order No. AO2020-05-0001 Providing for a COVID-19 Response Protocol in the Energy Sector Administrative Order No. AO2020-05-0001, COVID-19 Response Protocol
Administrative Order No. 46 Directing All heads of Departments and Agencies to Implement Measures to Facilitate Budget Execution for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 ao_46.pdf
Administrative Order No. 381 Providing for the Fulfillment by the National Power Corporation of its Obligations Under the agreement for the Sale and Purchase of Natural Gas Dated December 30, 1997 With Shell Philippines Exploration B.V./Occidental Philippines, inc. and the Compliance of the National Government, Through the Department of Finance and the Department of Energy With its Performance Undertaking therefore and Other Purposes
Administrative Order No. 31 Directing and Authorizing All Heads of Departments, Bureaus, Commissions, Agencies, Offices and Instrumentalities of the National Government, Including Government-Owned and/or -Controlled Corporations (GOCCS), To Rationalize the Rates of Their Fee ao_31.pdf
Administrative Order No. 29 Naming the West Philippine Sea of the Republic of the Philippines, And For Other Purposes ao_29.pdf
Administrative Order No. 27 Directing The Chair Of The National Historical Commission Of The Philippines To Lead The Organization And Implementation Of The Program Of Activities In Commemoration Of The 150th Birth Anniversary Of Andres Bonifacio On 30 November 2012 ao_27.pdf
Administrative Order No. 26 Prescribing The Rules On The Deposit Of Copies Of Films And Other Audio-Visuals To The National Film Archive Of The Philippines ao_26.pdf
Administrative Order No. 22 Prescribing Rules and Regulations Governing Appeals to the Office of the President of the Philippines ao_22.pdf