Geoscientific Research and Testing Laboratory

The Geoscientific Research and Testing Laboratory (GRTL) is one of two laboratories under the DOE's Energy Research and Testing Laboratory Services (ERTLS). 

Through its modern geological and geochemical research facilities, the GRTL provides specialized technical services in support of energy exploration and development as well as the testing of processed fuels to determine their compliance to Philippine National Standards (PNS).

On coal-related ventures, the GRTL provides geochemical and petrological services to determine the origin and environment of coal formation, physical properties and washability potential of coals, and performs correlation studies on different coal seams.  In support of the local coal industry, the GRTL has initiated programs to encourage local operators to adopt methods to improve coal quality and help ensure their competitiveness under a liberalized market environment.

In support of geothermal exploration and development, the GRTL undertakes geochemical and petrological research and analytical services to measure geothermal fluid characteristics and reservoir properties and help in the assessment of the prospectivity of geothermal areas.

For the promotion of petroleum exploration and development, the GRTL performs geochemical, petrological and paleontological research and technical services to determine the characteristics of crude oil, condensates and natural gas; identify petroleum source rocks and assess their thermal maturity, deduce the age and depositional environment of sedimentary formations; and assist in the overall assessment of indigenous petroleum resource potential.  The Geological Section is currently involved in a one-year project with Core Laboratories Sales NV on Deep Water Reservoirs aiming to provide detailed geological, biostratigraphic and petrophysical characterization and evaluation of 13 wells in Palawan and Sulu Sea basins.

Towards advancing the DOE's consumers and environmental protection thrusts, the GRTL performs quality analysis on various petroleum products and other alternative fuels that are being sold in the local market, to assess their conformity to national standards and provisions of the Clean Air Act.