Geological Section

The Geological Section provides micropaleontological, biostratigraphic and petrological analytical services to the government and private energy sector in support of energy exploration and development.

It is presently building a micropaleontological and petrological database for Philippine samples.

Services Provided:

Sample Preparation

  • Slabs
  • Thin and Polished Sections
  • Coal Mounts
  • Washed Residue
  • Nannofossil Slide
  • Palynological Slide

Analytical Services

  • Megascopic description of well and field rock samples
  • Petrography
  • Biostratigraphic studies using: 
  1. small planktonic and benthonic foraminifera
  2. large foraminifera
  3. calcareous nannofossils
  • Microfacies

Other Services

  • Photomicrography

EQUIPMENT (Cutter and Polisher for Thin Section Preparation)


Hillquist Cutting/ Polishing

Buehler Thin Section Machine

Buehler Thin Section Machine


Preparation Of Washed Residue Samples ad Nannofossil Slides



Steromicroscope for Micropaleontological Analysis

Polarizing Microscope

Polarizing Microscope for Petrological and Micropaleontological Analysis

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