EMotors Inc., a wholly-owned Filipino firm led by Elizabeth Lee, is investing P107 million for the manufacture and assembly of e-tricycles for sale to the local government units.

The Board of Investments has already approved the project’s registration. It will be entitled to income tax holidays and one percent duty on imported capital equipment.

According to the BOI, EMotors’ e-trikes will run on an electric motor and rechargeable lead acid or lithium-ion battery.

Aside from selling the e-trikes to the local government units, EMotors will also put up dealership network around the country.

In approving the project, Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory L. Domingo cited EMotors for helping government in its effort to be at the forefront of green transport in the region.

“This e-trike will further enhance the country’s position at the forefront of green transport in Asia. Not only that e-trikes are highly efficient, but they will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions,” said Domingo, who is also BOI chairman.

“There are tremendous employment opportunities that the electric vehicles sector would bring. The e-trike supply chain, for instance, will involve activities focusing on parts, battery supply and charging stations,” Domingo said.

In 2012, the Asian Development Bank rolled out its $300-million electric tricyle project with the aim of replacing 100,000 petrol-fuelled tricycles with clean, energy efficient e-trikes – on a “lease-to-own” arrangement.

The Manila-based lending agency cited e-trikes for being cleaner, greener transport solution for the Philippines aside from providing a better quality of life for trike drivers.

Based on the ADB study, E-trike drivers will save upwards of $5 a day in fuel costs. E-trikes have also a capacity to carry more passengers than the ordinary tricycles. This would enable e-trike drivers to more than double their daily income.




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