THE move of the Department of Energy (DoE) in stepping up measures to ensure once again the safety of 
end-users of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks is very timely.

With the holiday season just around the corner, so many kitchens, either in private homes or 
food establishments, are expected to be super busy thus, the need to make sure that LPG tanks being 
used are safe and of best quality.
No less than DoE Secretary Alfonso Cusi has paid a visit to certain LPG plants in partnership 
with the Industry Association Inc. (LPGIA), where members and staff of the House of Representatives’ 
committee on energy and committee on trade and industry were also present. The move, he said is aimed 
at addressing the quality and safety of LPG tanks sold to the public.    

The plant visits are being done in line with the DoE’s ‘E-Safety Mo’ campaign which seeks to 
ensure safe energy practices among all energy users. Said program aims to expand the knowledge of 
consumers and stakeholders for wiser energy utilization.  
At the same time, Cusi strongly reminded the LPG industry participants that substandard and 
defective LPG tanks have caused fires and explosions on countless occasions.
He is right in saying that  the safety of everyone should never be compromised. Government and 
the private sector should work together and give a higher premium to public safety to protect every 
user of LPG. 

Just recently, he also approved the LPG Code of Safety for Refilling Plants to ensure that 
safety practices are adhered to by LPG industry participants.

We, the end-users, meanwhile, have to also do our part to help the DoE succeed in its aim. Let 
us check our LPG tanks regularly, make sure we only buy from reputable outlets and let professionals 
do the checking and installations necessary.
As the popular Pinoy saying goes, “Hindi na baleng manakawan nang sampung beses, ’wag lang 
masusunugan nang minsan.”


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