MANILA, Philippines - EMotors, Inc., local manufacturer and assembler of electric 3-wheelers (e-trikes) and Air Freight 2100 (Air21), the country’s leading logistics solutions company, teamed up to promote the use and benefits of EMotors’ ZüM (pronounced as “zoom”) e-trikes.

The 100-percent Filipino-owned EMotors, Inc. is the country’s first manufacturer and assembler of electric tricycles to be registered with the Board of Investment’s Motor Vehicle Development Program (BOI-MVDP) under EO156. It is also the first to be registered with the country’s EO 226 or Investments Priority Plan, supporting one of President Aquino’s thrusts to clean our environment, lessen pollution, and clean our air.

“We are proud to team up with Air21 in our common goal of environmental responsibility by choosing to use clean, zero-emission vehicles to help clean our air and help mitigate the effects of climate change, while at the same time support local manufacturing and generate jobs,” says Beth Lee, EMotors CEO.

She further states that EMotors’ goal is to provide a local alternative solution to transport that can help lessen our carbon footprint. “We have to take responsibility for our environment by integrating as much as possible, the use of zero-emission vehicles in our businesses. EMotors provides the solution for that need,” she adds.

Air21, which recently celebrated its 32nd anniversary last June 21, is the first to represent the logistics industry incorporating the use of the ZuM electric vehicles in its fleet.

“As the leading provider of logistics solutions in the country, we are always looking for innovative ways to increase our efficiency to better serve our clients while at the same time, fulfill our environmental policies by helping clean our air by incorporating the ZuM electric vehicles in our fleet,” says Jerry Jara, Air21 CEO.

The ZüM electric 3-wheelers will augment Air21’s current fleet serving the company’s fast-growing client base with clean, zero-emission vehicles. The addition of the ZuM electric vehicles will help reduce the environmental impact of its fleet.

Air21 expects to reap the benefits of cost reduction and efficiency with low acquisition costs, lower maintenance costs, lower cost of “fuel” sourced from electricity versus gasoline, as well as providing a clean and green fleet that can expand the company’s coverage serving more clients at a faster turnover rate.

Both companies are innovators in their respective industries. EMotors is the first to invest in the country in the manufacture and assembly of electric tricycles while Air21 is the first to represent the logistics industry in the country, promoting and incorporating the use of 100-percent electric 3-wheel vehicles to complement its growing fleet.

Further, EMotors, Inc. includes as part of its goal, the commitment to give a percentage of every sale of the company’s ZuM e-trikes to the Christian foundation Center for Community Transformation’s micro-finance arm, providing seed money to help underprivileged micro-entrepreneurs start their own businesses, helping end the vicious cycle of poverty.

Present during the blessing, kick off, and signing of the MOA were Elizabeth H. Lee, CEO of EMotors, Inc. and Jerry Jara, CEO of Air Freight 2100.


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