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DoE firm on power saving law

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The Department of Energy’s (DoE) thrust to pursue an energy strategy to reduce dependence on imported oil and promote energy conservation further gained traction with the proposed Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act that is seen to become a full-fledged law soon.


Recognizing the Duterte administration’s goal for sustainable development, the DoE had earlier set out policies mandating all government offices to reduce their electricity and fuel consumption by 10 percent which is expected to yield savings of roughly about P550 million.


Battery energy power source eyed to boost power in North Luzon

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BAGUIO CITY --  Renewable power producer SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) will construct a 20-megawatt battery energy storage system (BESS) within the Magat Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) straddled in the provinces of Ifugao and Isabela.


“The facility will be used to boost SNAP’s ancillary services and standby power supply that can be tapped in case the regular supply falls short of the requirement,” said SNAP Group President and CEO Joseph Yu in a press release issued on Monday.


Napocor set to take new role as ‘system operator’

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Under a new policy being pushed by the Department of Energy (DOE), state-run National Power Corporation (NPC or Napocor) will take on a new role as system operator in off-grid areas.


With that mandate, NPC will have to ensure the reliability of power capacity wheeling to load customers – primarily the distribution utilities or the electric cooperatives.


Off-grid areas generally refer to the island-provinces or the geographically separated or far-flung areas that are physically impossible to connect to the main electricity grid of the country.


Problematic electric cooperatives (Part II)

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My piece on problematic electric coops elicited different reactions from readers.


Some shared with me their experience with the inefficient coops in their provinces.


On the other hand, the Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Association Inc. (Philreca) wrote to defend electric cooperatives, saying that most of the power coops are operating efficiently.


As for the problematic ones, one letter sender from Batangas said that the Batangas II Electric Cooperative Inc. or Batelec II has been a problem for consumers for many years now.

DoE threatens to run Palawan electric co-op

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Duterte recently issued a stern warning to Paleco that the national government would be compelled to take over the power distributor’s facilities if frequent blackouts in Palawan persisted until the end of the year.


“NEA [National Electrification Administration] and the task force [will takeover].  I cannot afford service to be interrupted,” Duterte said.


Paleco which has the second largest franchise area in the country provides power to 18 municipalities and Puerto Princesa City, serving a total of 135,284 consumers as of April 2018.



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