Date Posted: Thursday, 6 June 2019

In spite of the slowdown in the growth of the Philippine economy in 2018 to 6.2% compared to 6.7% in 2017 and below the government’s downward revised target which ranges from 6.5% to 6.9% for 2018, the total electricity sales and consumption all over the country still posted a notable figure of 99,765 GWh in 2018 from 94,370 GWh in 2017, equivalent to 5.7% growth from the previous year. Out of these total sales and consumption, 56,036 GWh or 56.2% was contributed by Private Investor Owned Utilities (PIOU’s), while 21,486 GWh or 21.5% was from the Electric Cooperatives’ contributions. Non-utilities and Other Services were 4,318 GWh (4.33%) and... Read more