Energy Data Center of the Philippines (EDCP)

The EDCP is a storage facility for energy data & information generated and used by both the government and private sectors involved in energy exploration and development in the Philippines.  The center has more than 120,000 analog and about 15,000 digital data holdings. 

Who may borrow?

  • Energy Service Contractors
  • Potential  Investors
  • Researchers
  • Students

How to borrow data?

  1. Letter Request / Fill data request form
  2. Have request form approved by PRDD Chief, IDMD Chief and ITMS Director
  3. Select data needed against search list
  4. Request EDCP staff to retrieve data
  5. Indicate type of service provided
  6. Sign transmittal list
  7. Get data from EDCP staff
  8. Pay fees and charges at the Doe Cashier or request to be billed later.
EDCP Fees and Charges
Data Item Data Fee
Seismic section reproducible
2D digital seismic data
3D digital seismic data
Php 40.00/line-km – 2D seismic lines
Php 470.00/line-km with navigation data
Php 18,800.00/square km
Seismic / well digital tape Php 106.00/tape/wk rental
Seismic section perusal fee Php 60.00/Seismic section
Paper wireline data Php 1.00/ft of log depth – Pre 1987
Php 2.00/ft of log depth – 1987 to recent
Digital wireline data (LAS/LIS files) Php 27,500.00/well up to maximum of 12,000 ft. log depth.
Additional 1,000.00 for every 1,000 ft. or
fraction thereof for log depth > 12,000 ft
Wireline data perusal fee Php 500.00/Wireline Data
Well completion / final well reports Php 5,500.00/report
Well reports (specialized) Php 2,750.00/report
Well report perusal fee Php 100.00/report
Well log Php 2.00/foot/log
Well cores, cuttings and field samples Php 9.00/gram (unwashed ditch cuttings)
Php 16.00/gram (washed ditch cuttings-unsieved)
Php 20.00/gram (washed ditch cuttings-sieved)
Php 33.00/gram (core samples)
Php 15.00/cubic ft./month (cabinet storage fee)
Php 9.00/cubic ft./month (shelf storage fee)
General reports Php 3,900.00/report
General report perusal fee 60.00/report
Maps, charts and drawings Php 120.00/sheet (Shotpoint location map)
Aeromagnetic maps $720.00/set (Application Color / Datachrome)
360.00/set (Isogram)
1983 Questor Aeromagnetic Survey – Aeromagnetic tapes $2,500.00/set or $100.00/tape
World Bank Report $18,000.00/set
Scanning Php 10.00/sheet
Reprographic Php 2.00/sheet

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For more information contact:

Information and Data Management Division
Information Technology and Management Services
Department of Energy, Energy Center, Rizal Drive,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines 1632
Facsimile: (63-2)840-2231
Phone: (63-2) 4792900 local 257