Call for Comments on the Draft DPNS/DOE QS 009:2019 Kerosene Specification


In line wth the objectives of the Clean Air Act of 1999, the Department of Energy's Technical Committee on Petroleum Products and Additives (DOE/TCPPA) reviewed and revised the standard specification for Kerosene (DPNS/DOE QS 009:2019).

The proposed standard is an update/review of PNS/DOE QS 009:2007 with minor revision made particularly on thhe property of color, limiting the scope of kerosene to energy related applications as well as updating of test methods.

Further, this update is made in keeping with the DOE's thrust of reviewing the quality specifications of petroleum products in terms of the current requirement of the industry, its users and manufacturers vis-a-vis the continuing commitment in ensuring supply availability and also by endeavoring to harmonize internationally/regional environmental standards for fuels.

Enclosed is a copy of the draft standards for your comments. It is suggested that any proposed changes to the specifications be supported with explanations/justifications.

We appreciate receiving your comments/positions thru mail or email at on or before August 20, 2019 for it to  be considered in the finalization of the standard.  Non-receipt of your comments on the specified date shall be construed as an approval of the draft standards.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

Very truly yours,

(signed) Dir. Rino E. Abad

Addendum to Rule IV - Other Types of Retail Outlet (RO) and their Requirements (DC2017-11-0011)