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Title Email add Tel/Fax No. Fax No.
Mylene C. Capongcol
Director, Renewable Energy Management Bureau (REMB) 840-2268
Marissa P. Cerezo
Director III, Renewable Energy Management Bureau 840-21-75
Fortunato S. Sibayan
Division Chief, Solar Wind Energy Management Division 840-18-17
Ariel D. Fronda
Division Chief, Geothermal Energy Management Division 840-22-86
Ruby B. De Guzman
Division Chief, Biomass Energy Management Division 840-21-07
Andresito F. Ulgado
Division Chief, Hydropower & Ocean Energy Management Division 840-21-92
Gaspar G Escobar Jr.
Division Chief, NREB Technical Services and Management Division 840-21-51
Reynaldo V. Liganor
OIC, Director, Luzon Field Office (075) 656-01-14
Saul S. Gonzales
OIC, Director, Visayas Field Office (032) 253-21-50 (032) 253-72-22
Antonio M. De Guzman
OIC, Director, Mindanao Field Office (082) 224-22-31 (082) 221-07-78