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Title Email add Tel/Fax No. Fax No.
Elisa B. Morales
Division Chief, Budget Division 840-22-58
Arturo M. Cudia
Division Chief, Accounting Division 840-22-39
Thelma M. Cerdeña
Division Chief, Compliance Division 840-22-77
Arthus T. Tenazas, CESO lV
Director lll, Legal Services 840-22-73 840-22-73
Angelito V. Agoncillo
Division Chief, Hearing Division 840-22-42
Isidro V. Almenteros
Division Chief, Legal Counselling Division 840-21-42
Ben Julius G. Gagni
Division Chief, Contact Division 840-21-32
Herminio A. Ariola, CESO IV
Director lll, Information Technology and Management Services 840-2231 840-2231
Jerry P. Ritual
Division Chief, Information Technology Division 840-22-30
Romeo S. Añano
Division Chief, Information Services Division 840-2185
Danilo N. Javier
Division Chief, Information & Data Management Division 840-21-31
Amelia M. De Guzman
Director III, Energy Research Testing and Laboratory Services 840-20-93 840-20-93
Virginia S. Llamo
OIC-Division Chief, Geothermal Research & Fuel Testing Laboratory Division 840-07-71
Isagani C. Soriano
OIC-Division Chief, Lighting & Appliance Testing Division 840-55-92
Patrick T. Aquino
Director, Energy Policy and Planning Bureau (EPPB) 840-22-88
Carmencita A. Bariso, CESO IV
Director III, Energy Policy and Planning Bureau 840-2250 840-2250
Lana Rose A. Manaligod
OIC Division Chief, Planning Division 840-1780 840-1780
Ma. Victoria V. Capito
OIC, Division Chief, Policy Formulation & Research Division 840-16-37
Lilian C. Fernandez
Division Chief, Energy Cooperation & Coordination Division 840-22-13
Melita V. Obillo
Director, Energy Resource Development Bureau (ERDB) 840-20-68