Department Circular No. DC2003-03-003

Transmission Development Plan

WHEREAS, Republic Act 9136, the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA) requires the promulgation of a Transmission Development Plan (TDP). WHEREAS, Section 4 (bbb) of the EPIRA states that the TDP "refers to the program for managing the transmission system through efficient planning for the expansion, upgrading, rehabilitation, repair and maintenance, to be formulated by DOE and implemented by the TRANSCO pursuant to this Act".

WHEREAS, Section 9(f) of the EPIRA designates the National Transmission corporation (TRANSCO) to prepare such TDP and submit the same to the Department of Energy (DOE) for integration to the Power Development Plan and the Philippine Energy Plan.

WHEREAS, Under Section 9 (c) of the EPIRA, it is the responsibility of the TRANSCO to ensure and maintain the reliability, adequacy, security, stability and integrity of the nationwide electrical grid in accordance with the performance standards for the operation and maintenance of the grid as set forth in the Grid Code. WHEREAS, TRANSCO has endorsed the TDP to DOE for evaluation and approval on March 25, 2003.

WHEREAS,TRANSCO shall seek the support of the Energy Regulatory Commission for the individual capital investment plan within the broad context of the TDP. NOW THEREFORE, the DOE hereby adopts and approves the Transmission Development Plan of 2003. Done this 28th of March 2003, Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila. (Sgd.) VINCENT S PEREZ, JR Secretary

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