English Brochures

Benefits of Deregulation
Benefits to Host Communities (Pursuant to Rule 29, of EPIRA-IRR)
The BiGSHOW (Biomass, Geothermal, Solar, Hydro, Ocean and Wind Energy) - A Primer on Renewable Energy Sources
Checklist of Requirements for Bunkering from Freeports and Special Economic Zones
Checklist of Requirements for Gasoline Station Training and Loan Fund Application
Checklist of Requirements for New Gasoline Stations
Checklist of Requirements for Oil Importation
Checklist of Requirements Prior to Every Oil Exportation
Checklist of Requirements: Renewable Energy Service/Operating Contract under R.A. 9513
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) : What You Should Know
Consumer Guide in Buying Room Air Conditioner
Conversion from Pre-Development Stage to Development/Commercial Stage of an RE Contract (Under R.A. 9513)
Conversion of Existing Service Contract/Agreement on RE Resources to RE Contract (Under R.A. 9513)
Cutting your Electric Bills (Start today, and see how much you can save!)
DOE Mission and Vision
Efficiency Initiatives in Buildings and Industries
FAQs on Bioethanol (A Technical Guide for Motorists)
FAQs on Compact Fluorescent Lamps
FAQs on R-VAT on Petroleum
Fridge Facts
How Electricity Gets into your Homes
How to Determine Fake LPG Cylinders
Investment Management Contracts
Light Up the Holiday - The Safe Way
LPG (Consumer and Safety Tips)
LPG Safety Tips
Missionary Areas using Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Palit Ilaw (English Brochure)
Phantom Load
Philippine Energy Efficiency Project (PEEP) primer
Process Flow for the Registration of Renewable Energy Developer (Under R.A. 9513)
Properly Sized Room Air Conditioners
Qualification Criteria for the Qualified Third Party
Renewable Energy Service Contract Application Form (Sample, under R.A. 9513)
Revised Schedule of Penalties in the LPG Industry
Tips for Buying Gasoline
Tips on Holiday Lighting
Tracing the History of the Department of Energy
Transco Safety Tips
Unbundling of Rates
Understanding Oil Pricing
What You Need to Know About your LPG Cylinders
Why Switch to CFL?