Consumer Rights & Obligations

Consumer Rights and Obligations under the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers

Basic Rights

  • To have quality, reliable, affordable, safe, and regular supply of electric power;
  • To be accorded courteous, prompt and non-discriminatory service by the electric service provider;
  • To be given a transparent, non discriminatory and reasonable price of electricity consistent with the provision of RA 9136;
  • To be an informed electric consumer and given and given adequate access to information on matters affecting the electric service of the consumer concerned;
  • To be accorded prompt and speedy resolution of complaints by both the distribution utility and/or the ERC;
  • To know and choose the electric service retailer upon implementation of retail competition; and
  • To organize themselves as a consumer organization in the franchise area where they belong and where they are served by the distribution utility or as a network of organizations.


Basic Obligations

  • To observe the terms of his contract including among others things, paying monthly bills promptly and honestly;
  • To allow the faithful and accurate recording of consumption to be reflected in the appropriate device;
  • To allow the utility's employee/representative entry/access to his premises for the purpose provided for in Article 29 hereof;
  • To take proper care of metering or other equipment that the electric utility has install in the his premises;
  • To inform the distribution utility and/or proper authorities of any theft or pilferage of electricity or any damage caused by any person to the electric meter and equipment appurtenant thereto; and
  • To cooperate with and support program on the wise and efficient use of electricity.


Consumer Rights

  • Right to electric service;
  • Right to a refund of bill deposits;
  • Exemption from payment of meter deposits;
  • Right to an accurate electric watt-hour meter; determination of average error;
  • Right to refund of over-billings;
  • Right to a properly installed meter;
  • Right to a meter testing by electric utility and/or ERC;
  • Right to a prompt investigation of complaints; customer dealings;
  • Right to extension of line and facilities;
  • Right to information; scheduled power interruptions;
  • Right to a transparent billing;
  • Right to a monthly electricity bill;
  • Right to due process prior to disconnection of electric service;
  • Right to a notice prior to disconnection;
  • Right to suspension of disconnection;
  • Right to tender payment at the point of disconnection; deposit representing the differential billing;
  • Right to electric service despite arrearages of previous tenant;
  • Right to reconnection of electric service;
  • Right to witness apprehension;
  • Right to ERC testing of apprehended meter;
  • Right to payment under protest; and
  • Right to file complaints before ERC.


Consumer Obligations

  • Obligation to pay bill deposit;
  • Obligation to allow inspection, installation and removal of electricity apparatus;
  • Obligation to allow the construction of poles, lines and circuits;
  • Obligation to receive monthly bills;
  • Obligation to pay monthly electric bills;
  • Obligation to pay billing adjustments;
  • Obligation not to commit illegal use of electricity; and
  • Obligation to pay differential billing.