Compressed Natural Gas

Section 5 of E.O. 290 “Implementing the NGVPPT” provides for the following privileges and incentives that may be availed of by NGVPPT participants:

  • Income tax holiday
  • 1% rate of duty on imported NGV, NGV engines and other NGV industry related equipment, facilities, parts and components as certified by the DOE;
  • Issuance by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Certificates of Compliance with Emissions Standards to NGVs;
  • Preferential and exclusive franchises from the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) for NGVs to newly opened routes;
  • Accelerated issuance by the DENR of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for NGV facilities and refueling stations;
  • Affordable and commercially tenable financial packages from Government Financing Institutions (GFIs);
  • Manpower development and capability building through training and technology transfer programs;
  • Attractive CNG prices which translate to a discount to diesel prices; and,
  • Other privileges and incentives that may be subsequently provided.