Documentary Requirements in RE Proposal

A. Legal Requirements

  1. Certified True Copy of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Registration;
  2. Certified True Copies of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws indicating therein its primary purpose to explore, develop and utilize renewable energy resources;
  3. Certified True Copy of the General Information Sheet (GIS) stamped received by the SEC not more than twelve (12) months old at the time of submission;
  4. Original Copy of the Certificate of Authority from the Board of Directors of the applicant authorizing the representative/s to apply, negotiate, sign any documents and execute the service contract. The said Certificate of Authority shall be executed under oath by the Corporate Secretary.

B. Financial Requirements

  1. Original Copy of the Annual Report or Audited Financial Statement (FS) for the last two (2) years from the date of filing and Original Copy of the latest Unaudited FS duly signed by the responsible official such as the President and/or Chief Officer if the audited FS is more than six (6) months old at the date of filing;
  2. If latest audited FS are unavailable, Original Copy of the latest Unaudited FS duly signed by the responsible official such as the President and/or Chief Officer  which should not be more than three (3) months old at the date of filing;
  3. Original Copy of the Bank Certification to substantiate the cash balance as of the latest Unaudited FS;
  4. Original Copy of the Projected Cash Flow Statement for (2) years showing the sources and uses of funds for the particular applied area, other applied RE areas, existing energy service/operating contracts with DOE and other existing business with supports by any or all of the following: a) Certified true copy of the Sales Agreement/Purchase Order for projected revenues on existing operations; b) Original Copy of the  Sworn Letter of Commitment from Stockholders for additional equity/cash infusion; or c) Original Copy of the Bank-approved Credit Line earmarked for the proposed operation; and
  5. For newly-organized Corporation for newly organized corporation or subsidiary corporation  with insufficient  funds to finance the proposed work program with guarantee from parent company:
      • Parent Company's financial documents per items B-1 and B-2 herein.
      • Duly notarized Letter of Undertaking/Support from the Parent
      • Company to fund the work program

    In case of foreign parent company, the documents shall be duly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate having the appropriate jurisdiction over the said parent company.


    • Minimum working capital (Liquid Assets less Current Liabilities) is 100% of the financial commitment for the first year of the proposed Work Program/Plan. For development stage proposal, financial closure should be included in the submission. Liquid Assets shall consist only of cash, trade accounts receivable and short-term investments/ placements. Credit line is not a liquid asset.
    • The available working capital for OCSP application shall be net of the fund requirements for other applied RE areas and existing energy service/ operating contracts with DOE for the year.

C. Technical Requirements

  1. Track Record or Experience;
  2. Curriculum Vitae of Management and Technical Personnel;
  3. Curriculum Vitae of Technical Consultants with corresponding contract between the RE Proponent and Consultants;
  4. List of existing company-owned and leased equipment appropriate to the project with corresponding description;
  5. Work Program. Please refer to Annex D for the minimum Work Program which likewise indicates the period of Milestone Activities pursuant to DO2013-10-0018; and
  6. Detailed presentation of data and information available in narrative form indicating the potential of RE resources in the area.

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