Request for Comments on the Draft Philippine Energy Standards and Labeling Program- Implementing Guidelines (PESLP-IG)

The Department of Energy (DOE) is hereby requesting all interested parties to submit their comments on the PESLP-IG, “The Guidelines on PESLP for Energy-Consuming Products” pursuant to Section 2 of Republic Act No. 7638 otherwise known as “ The DOE Act of 1992” and Section 7 of Department Circular No. DC 2016-04-0005 entitled “Declaring the Compliance of Importers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers of Electrical Appliances and other Energy-Consuming Products with the PESLP as a Policy of the Government.”

As discussed during the Public Consultations held last 30 March 2017 at the Diplomatic Hall, Marriot Hotel, Pasay City. Should there be no inputs or comments received, the EUMB and ERTLS shall assume your concurrence with the draft PESLP-IG.

Comments/recommendations will be accepted to the following e-mails and/or fax numbers:

Fax Nos. (02) 840-2289 or (02) 840-2243

Attached are the documents mentioned above.

Thank you.