Request for Comments on the Draft Department Circular on "Implementing the Specifications for PNS/DOE QS 008:2018, E-Gasoline Fuel - Specification"

The DOE-TCPPA chaired by Oil Industry Management Bureau is tasked to formulate and review standard specifications for all types of fuel and fuel related products.  Part of the standard procedure is to draft department circular to implement the promulgated standards and related guidelines.

Enclosed are copies of the draft Department circulars for your comments. We appreciate receiving your comments/position thru mail or email at on or before August 31, 2018 for it to be considred in the finalization of the said drafts.  Non-receipt of your comments on the specified date shall be construed as an approval on the draft guidelines.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.


Very truly yours,

(signed) Dir. Rino E. Abad

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