Notice to the Public

THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE) hereby notify the general public about reports on certain individuals posing as inspectors or LPG cylinder "buy-back" operators of the DOE in the conduct of unauthorized inspections or unlawful confiscation of LPG cylinders.

In view of this, the DOE clarifies that it is not involved in any "buy-back" operations of LPG cylinders or any other similar activity.  Likewise, for any inspections, legitiamte DOE inspectors are supplied with DOE employee's identification card and travel order for propert verification.

In all cases however, the DOE strongly advise the general public to immediately contact the Oil Industry Management Bureau - Retail Market Monitoring and Special Concerns Division (OIMB-RMMSCD) before entertaining any inspection at telephone numbers:

Trunk Line: 479-2900 Local 376

Direct Line : 840-2184 / 840-2130