Market Transformation through the Introduction of Energy Efficient Electric Vehicles Project

Under the E-Trike Project, interested Local Government Units (LGUs) and National Government Agencies (NGAs) may qualify for the donation of e-trikes based on the evaluation made by DOE and ADB on the following project requirements as prescribed by the Department of Finance and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

a) Letter of Intent with Accomplished E-Trike Questionnaire*;

b) Sangguniang Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a Deed of Donation (DOD) with DOE;

c) City Ordinance supporting the E-Trike Project; and

d) Sustainable E-Trike Deployment Plan*

All donations of e-trikes require a No Objection Letter from the ADB.

Note: For NGAs, only items A & D are required.


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