C-REC Resolution No. 2018-06-001 Policy Regarding Contact Between DOE and SC Applicants/Developers


Republic of the Philippines
Department of Energy
Centralized Review and Evaluation Committee

C-REC Resolution No. 2018-06-001
Policy Regarding Contact Between DOE and SC Applicants/Developers


WHEREAS, in order to further promote transparency and efficiency in the resolution of applications for service contracts under the review and evaluation of the C-REC with the Department, the C-REC resolved to adopt regulations to address queries and to govern meetings between applicants/developers and representatives from the Department of Energy;


WHEREAS, the C-REC during its 8th Regular Meeting on 6 June 2018 included an agenda on establishing policies regarding contact between the Department and applicants/developers;

NOW THEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the following are the policies to govern contact with the public in relation to service contacts under the review and evaluation of the C-REC:

  1. Officials and employees of the Department are hereby prohibited from addressing and entertaining any communication, verbal or written, follow-up or query, from applicants/developes regarding pending applications and existing service contracts and shall, instead, refer all queries to the C-REC Secretariat.
  2. Simple queries regarding status of applications shall be addressed by the Secretariat. However, queries involving issues regarding evaluation of an application shall be handled through a meeting, if necessary, scheduled by the Secretariat with the prior approval of the C-REC and shall only be held at the Department of Energy.
  3. Applicants and/or developers with concerns regarding pending applications and/or their existing service contracts shall only meet with a composite team of at least two (2) people, specifically composed of at least one (1) member of the C-REC and one (1) assigned member of the C-REC Secretariat.
  4. Only authorized representatives of developers/applicants on record as recognized by the C-REC, or with sufficient proof of authority, shall be entertained by the C-REC Secretariat.
  5. All meetings shall be recorded and a summary of the highlights thereof shall be endorsed by the Secretariat to the C-REC for appropriate action.



USec. Donato D. Marcos


ASec. Caron Aicitel E. Lascano


ASec. Redentor E. Delola

ASec. Gerardo D. Erguiza, Jr.

ASec. Leonido J. Pulido III


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