Other Energy Technologies

The DOE continuously monitor emerging and matured energy technologies in other countries, which can be adopted for domestic application. As such, a thorough evaluation, testing and validation will be done for domestic application, specifically in the transport sector. In the medium term, the DOE will embark on the following identified energy technologies for evaluation and validation:

  1. Fuel derived from petroleum based waste materials such as plastics and rubbers;
  2. Micro-energy harvesting  and new power generation technologies;
  3. Energy storage technologies; and
  4. Energy technologies for household applications such as efficient non-wood based biomass stove for domestic cooking.

Once the technologies are assessed and approved to be locally applicable, the program for performance testing and demonstration for said technologies will be developed for possible commercialization. On the short to medium term, the DOE plans to conduct studies to determine the appropriate business model and policy support toward the mainstreaming of these energy technologies.